Q. What does a home inspection check for?

A. There are 11 different systems of the home. A home inspection is a snapshot of those 11 systems. Looking for items that adversely affect the dwelling of the home.

Q. How soon can you go out and inspect the houses?

A. Typically within 5 to 10 business days.

Q. How long will it take after the home inspection for me to get the report?

A. You will get the home inspection report back typically by the next evening.

Q. How long will the home inspection take?

A. With two inspectors, home inspections normally take 1-2 hours depending on the size of the home.

Q. What should I do before a home inspection?

A. That depends on if you are the buyer or the seller. Some things to prepare include: providing open access to areas that will need checked, clearing the perimeter, keeping a clean home. Buyers will need to follow the direction of their realtor.

Q. What is a pre-listing inspection report?

A. A pre-listing inspection is for sellers to predict what might be on an inspection and to take care of items before they list the home.

Q. Is radon testing part of home inspection?

A. No, radon is a separate fee.

Q. How do inspectors test for radon?

A. Radon inspections are done through a third party. They use two ways, with a machine or with mail in cards. Both are accurate tests.

Q. What is done during a termite inspection?

A. The inspector will look for signs of termite inside and outside of the home. This includes: droppings, damaged wood and mud tubes.

Q. How often should you inspect for termites?

A. You should get a termite inspection once a year.

Q. How long does a septic inspection last?

A. Depends on how much digging is needed, you can expect a septic inspection to last anywhere from 1-4 hours.

Q. Is a septic inspection really necessary?

A. Septic inspections are not required but highly recommended. We often find more systems with problems than without.