pre-listing inspection raleigh nc

Before You Invest in Property, Inspect It

Schedule a pre-purchase inspection in Raleigh, NC or surrounding areas

You've found a gorgeous new home in the Research Triangle. It has a convenient location, enough space for your family and a beautiful appearance. You want to invest, but are you sure you're ready?

In order to invest confidently, you need a pre-purchase inspection. Churchill Inspection & Consulting, LLC inspects properties of all sizes in Raleigh, NC. We also serve Durham and the surrounding Research Triangle area. Call 919-812-9417 today to arrange for a pre-purchase inspection.

What to expect from your inspector

Your pre-purchase inspector will examine the property thoroughly, from the roof to the foundation. Then, your inspector will provide a report within 24 to 48 hours.

You'll learn about:

  • Overall conditions on the property
  • The building's structural soundness and safety
  • The functionality of the plumbing, electric and gas systems
  • Evidence of issues such as hurricane or storm damage
  • Anticipated repairs or necessary maintenance

A pre-purchase inspector will help you understand all of the findings. When you're armed with this information, you'll be in an ideal position to invest or negotiate. Schedule an inspection right away.